It is never the answer.

Yet I always yearned for it

the fear that makes eyes go wide

But when my plea was finally answered

I learned I was wrong to ask for forgiveness

Wrong about everything.

True to form, I ran away. Again.

I hid in a closet and counted sheep.

But sleep would never come

for the skeletons beside me sang with unearthly vigor.

"Arent you dead?" I cried. "Arent you dead!"

"No," the replied, "merely waiting to be reborn."

"Wont you join us?"

I escape, narrowly.

Their bony hands clutch at my back.

Searing pain lances up my spine.

Not again; I cant return to that place.

The place of darkness. Dissassociation. Insanity.

The place where violence was creed. Law. The only escape

from the tedium that claim so many unawares.

No. Ill be different. Special.

But thats what they all say.

I wonder which are right and which are like me.

Simply biding time

Till the apocalypse sets us free.

At least thats what the Bible says.

Those guys were nuts.

Just like me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

goddamn I suck

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