Niggas with attitude.

I wonder if that would fly today.

Society has become less and more forgiving at the same time.

The recent spate of shooting unarmed black men is unforgiveable.

Yet we have a black president.

I dont consider myself a negga, nor a negro, not even black.

Im an african american, and damn proud of it.

Too many of my brothas and sistas today feel theyre niggas.

This is a detriment to the cause.

Who would want to hire a nigga? Nobody.

Who would want to fire on a nigga? Too many.

I remember canvassing the neighborhood,

looking for pressure washing prospects.

People wouldnt even open their doors to my friends and I.

"But were different!" I wanted to scream.

"We have 4.0's! Were going to white colleges!"

But with metal staples cross my jaws, no one heard my cries.

They only saw the outside; the mocha that hid us away.

I only saw the fear in their eyes.

When will it end? With my children? Grandchildren?

When will we be considered productive members of society?

Some say soon. Some say never.

I dont know which side to choose.

Perhaps Ill stay alone.

Never belonging to a single camp, travelling without moving.

Maybe that will be enough.

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bein blacktastic

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