My Bros

I call and you answer

You call and I sing.

We've known each other for a decade

Yet it seems like just yesterday we met.

We were teammates, bandmates, roommates.

We were confidants, champions, brothers.

We've broken records, bread, nugs, and backs together.

We've traded clothes, advice, high fives.

We've seen legends, played shows, won games.

You came to my hearing, allowed me to live.

You went to the funeral when he died.

Your family is mine, and mine yours.

You saved me when I was incarcerated.

You tried to save me from myself.

You even tried to lead me to God.

You taught me, guided me, supported me.

I championed you, created with you, celebrated with you.

We shunned preconception, we chased dreams.

We found the power that resides within us all.

The power of humanity, of humility.

Yianni. Brent. Kyle. Gabe. Joey.

I love yall.

My brothers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

an ode to my bros

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