You make my heart race

You make my heart speed up

You make my thoughts slow down

Sometimes you make me even forget my name.

Sometimes I begin to believe in such banalities as love.

Sometimes I forget why I walked into a room.

But wait-doesnt that happen all the time?

Somehow its special when I'm with you.

You-you! I wish I knew why youre here with me.

Even though I know some secrets should be kept just that.

Still, curiosity so often wins out over acuity.

I remember someone once said curiosity is a sign of intelligence.

I wonder if they ever fell in love.

If their intelligence died at the hint of a smile.

If sanity fled at a glimpse of honeyed skin, wink of soulful eye.

I wonder if they would feel different if such happened to them.

As has happened to me.

I am your puppet. Make me dance. Make me sing.

Make me titillate the laughter that lives so tenuously.

I am your champion. Let me protect. Let me fight.

Let me become the one you can lean on.

I am your martyr. Let me save. Let me die.

If only you could live forever.

if only I could hear you call my name in ectasy.

Then I know I have won, if only for a moment.

For then I could hold you in my heart, as you have partaken in mine.

Fleeting seconds crawl by as I count down the time

before I can see you again. I hope you do the same.


So silly. So needed. So simple. So unfathomable.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about a girl. So original!

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