I thought we were friends

You dont know what you have till its gone.

Thats what they always say.

But as I rise on this smoky dawn

I wonder who are they anyway?

You were my champion, my mentor, my fire

The leading voice on an angelic choir

And as I secretly stack the pyre

You found that heat was not your true desire.

I thought we had love. That we were close.

Oh how quickly one hand destroys the other

You kept me from becoming the sly milquetoast

With the inner heart screaming that it wanted a brother.

Rants and raves, urns and graves

You rose above all with poise and grace

While I lost the battle, gave in to the craze

You gave me purpose, lifted me into space.

But you dropped me, let me fall to the ground

Due to a remark of juvenility

Earth rushes up, I break speed of sound

Losing my strength, my thoughts, my abilities.

Impact. Crunch. Splatter. Tears.

I weep for my angel. What has she done?

Destroying all weve built over the years

Turning our mansion into a slum.

Im sorry. Okay? We were young. Uncouth.

It was all in good fun. Will you let me atone?

it was not but a game. A joke. A spoof.

Id rather not replace resplendent coral throne.

I giuess Ill be okay once more alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"I never understood but you claimed that I should."---ASG

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