Stranger in My Bed

Stranger in my bed



There is nothing wrong

But nothing is right

I like awake with thoughts so strong

They seem right in my line of sight


The sounds of silent breathing

There are no words that can be said

My heart is racing and my chest heaving

There is a stranger in my bed


The comfort of home

Wherever she is tonight

Letting my arm roam

As she sleeps on her right


A gentle kiss on the lips

“I love you baby” whispered in the night

Cuddling closer at the hips

Everything is right


Back in to reality I emerge

Sounds not familiar to my heart

As my worlds converge

I have woken in the wrong part


Admitting to myself finally

There is a reason you are always in my head

It is right in front of me to see

You were never a stranger in my bed


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