Star of my Life

the men in my life

The stars never glistened so bright
As they did that cool Summer night.
Sitting there in the cab of your rusty Ford
Keeping the conversation fun; never getting bored.
You drove down country roads and ended in a place so secluded
Where me and you were the only two included.
Wishing that night never had to end
But knowing it would as soon as you drove ‘round that bend
And the fairytale happening came to an end.

And as you drove away from the small town
With your music up loud and windows rolled down
Headed back to your busy life of work and sleep
My heart felt like it had been cut so deep.
Then I remembered something that made me think of you
Something that is just so true.
The fact that no matter how far you drive away,
Every night you look up at the stars as you may
I will be looking at those same stars miles away.

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