No Point

the men in my life


Feeling like there’s no point left

Not knowing which way is up

All I think about is you and our fun times

And once again the tears flow


What is wrong with me

Why can I not control my feelings

I feel like I need to be with you

But fear that I may never see you again


There’s no point (just no point)

I can’t see a way out (see a way out)

I need a savior (a savior)


I wish I got to see your face

I wish I could be in your place.

Everytime I get too close

I feel like a dead and trampled on rose.

You turn away

And make me feel like snow in may.


If I told you I loved you

What would you say?

If I told you I needed you too

Would you give me the time of day?


Goodbye to you

And our memories too.

I wish it didn’t have to end this way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just found this poem that I had written a while ago. Thought I would share it.

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