He was a Boy, She was a Girl

the men in my life

She sat there and wrote,

As hours turned to days,

As days turned to months.

She wrote about the man she loved.

Even though he’d never catch on.

Every time she thought about him

Her heart would skip a beat.

He just never thought about her though.

She would write sappy love poems

And some cute little note to him.

She just never ripped out the pages.

So she had her whole notebook full of notes

She wanted him to read though he never would.

He would never love her back.

He would never understand her.

Until the day that was her dad’s birthday.

Seeing as her dad died, her family didn’t celebrate

Instead just sat in the house.

He came over to surprise her that night

With flowers and her favorite chocolate.

He snuck into her room

Just to find her not there.

The notebook was open on her desk

He sat and read the first poem.

It was all about her killing herself

Because of one boy who she loved

Because he would never love her back.

The boy shed just one tear

Just knowing it was him she loved

Then he read the last line and ran to find her

“I’ll never stop loving him, though he’ll never love me back.”

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