I'm sorry

I look deep into your eyes

I can see the sadness that comes and goes

I'm sorry

I really am

That's all I can say

I guess I'm just confused:

My heart bounces for every electric thing

It never skips a beat

My bright eyes are always searching

And every particle is new to me

I'm discovering the world

Studying the body talk

I don't want to be attached to anyone

My wings are too tall

And I've to let them fly

To another person

To another planet

To another dimension

I want to feel new things

These ones are getting old

I used to love you

Or at least I thought I did

But now I know nothing

I love different people in different ways 

That I will never be able to explain

Because neither I know their meanings

Like an confusing equation

I don't want to romanticize your pain

I'm just not ready to land here next to you


I'm sorry

For being an heartbreaker

For being your heartbreaker


You're not the first one in my lineage

And not going to be the last one


There's a line connecting me with you

And that line is heavy enough to make me stay

But I want to cut it really bad

So, who will make the move?

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