Nature's Answer

Fool's Gold

you'll be reeling


dying a little inside


my eyes throw a dagger at your back

my words curse your heart

your love becomes laughable

in these moments

you are my mirror

and what a ghastly duplicate I see

I want it gone


ready to mop up

wring out


wash away


I go to rivers, lakes

creeks and oceans

where there is peace

the flowing water

the one thing that never stops

brings comfort

rocking chair, mother's bosom

the currents and waves mesmerize me

I am calm

calm and quiet enough to reflect

reflect on the beauty

beauty of eternity

of those things that simply are


constantly changing

ever present

softly praying

I remember my hand under yours

over your heart

in my hands

these shaky things

maybe if they can flow

maybe if they can be gentle

if they won't let go

maybe this wouldn't be

maybe your hand would always be

always be

within my grasp

longing to be




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