Destiny Dressed Up

Destiny dressed in a cloud of her namesake

She’s formed from stardust and desert sand

Shouting out she cries “I AM Destiny”

From altars calling “I AM Destiny”

Looking through windows “I AM Destiny”

Forming words with silence


Surrounded by beauty she glides

She eyes her smiles

She builds on pressure

Legs shake, knees knock, sweat pours

The scent goes up and out as incense


The quarry is deep, the machines powerful

Elements explode the granite

Gravel is formed with a mouth full of dirt

Murder is planned

Sound is panned for you to shout

Your name falls like water down your face

Yours is the name

Yours is the weight

You have the reigns of our world

You have the say for life or death

You say go, you say come

The tracks are rumbling to your tune

Shadows obey

Being bends to form

Atoms split open

Magic runs scared

Elements melt

Teeth gnash

Runners cease

Roads disappear into horizons

Words rip the universe apart

The murderer will pay

Fear will end only after it begins

Fear will begin only after it ends


Destiny calls from the side of perfect beauty

Perfect beauty dances the perfect gypsy dance

Come one, come all and behold my breasts

My hips, my chimes

My friends rub shoulders with me

With love and hope for me she shouts

With love and hope


She listens for a whisper

She slips into her clothes with force

The burden of skin offends

Black paints her eyes

Blue paints her lids

Clowns make way in the market

Jackals howl from hills close by

Features are formed by wind

Streets eat rain like waterfalls

Water calls Destiny to towns

To fields, to pubs, to venues

To merchants shady there

To holy juries veering off

In tangents round and square

Forget yourself you're being formed

Forget your thoughts they're being written

Forget your worries there are now none

Just a dance, just a dance, just some shuffle in your trance

Now help your brother

Help your sister 

Spend it all on love

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