What Would It Take

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If I say I’ve been to the earth’s core

And its molten metal down there

And been through the earth’s mantle

Where granite was my fair

If I’ve plumbed the earth’s crust

And rolled all over its soil

Then crossed every desert

Where I’ve hidden all the oil

If I say I climbed every mountain

Walked on every sea

And been to the bottom of the ocean depths

Where I put treasure just for me

 Would you believe me?


If I said I forded earths every river

 And fished in every stream

 Then climbed every single tree

Just to sway in every breeze

Or if I’ve walked through every rainforest

And wandered around garden Eden

Then waded in the great deluge

And rode the rainbow to Sweden

Maybe I've picked every fruit on every continent

And skipped across the Atlantic

Then back stroked the Pacific

Just to put the Red Sea in a panic

Could you believe me then


I may have dried up oceans whole

Then smashed my way into hell

Just to punch that guy and take his keys

So you could shout “All is well”

What if I hightailed it back to the surface

Around three days later

Just to open every door

In front of that instigator

What if I've flown on every current

And felt every single breeze

Maybe played with every tornado

And rode hurricanes with ease

Could you ride that wave with me


Perhaps I've been to the stratosphere

 Dodged every meteorite

 Then tiptoed around Saturn

As Neptune entered my sight

Suppose I swam in every black hole

And jammed into every particle of light

 Used quarks as marbles

And Protons as bikes

If I left the galaxy

For a visit with my dad

Who’s sitting on a giant throne

And gave me all I had

Would you like to meet him


What if I walked and talked with angels

Considering them my friends

But had to let some of them go

Cause’ they couldn’t hold out to the end

What if I’ve seen every ancient city

Walked every ancient street in the Milky Way

 And danced across time

 Like it was just another day

If I really wanted to make a splash

 I could blast off a supernova

And watch the fireworks with all my friends

Who’d jump up and down till it's over

Would you join them


These are just a few places I could have been

 In case you’ve been prone to wonder

What will help you take that plunge

 As I split your soul and spirit asunder


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