Conscience Talking

Bright Poetry

Monterio this is your conscience channeling in.
As you hold this pen I'm forcing my will for you to write how I feel.
I'm very happy you found your inner peace.
Exercised your demons as a instructor of tranquility.
I'm not shock about your abilities.
Keep chasing your dreams.
Don't forget who got you started here.
A teacher named Tina Moore.
Made you want to explore in this poetic world.
Told you to enter that contest and you won honorable mention.
That was your first poem you'd ever wrote.
That's proof you've been blessed with a trait.
Hope it opens many gates to great success.
Just remember don't put too much stress on you and me.
If there's a problem confront it!
Don't run from it!
I'm sure if you do it'll destroy you and me your conscience...
Now Monte commence to your writing session.
Chase your dreams because I'm believing in you.
That's your blessing and don't you ever question it.

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