Just Me Venting (Depression)

Venting Sessions

This universe left me broken with a tore heart.
In one instance my happy childhood fell apart.
This made it hard to laugh or smile and the nightmares.
Turned vivid like the devil paid me a visit.
Done his daily mischief in my entire life stole everything insight.
But the emotions inside.
Left me with sadness and anger yes I'm a maintainer.
But how can I sleep when I'm hearing self-doubt.
Tell me how, do I need to find a place to mediate?
Medicating my depression with the blessings I been given.
Harsh times made me make decisions that may alternate my way of living.
Tried to have a good relationship but labeled a malicious villain.
Had love for their daughter but their feeling wasn't mutual toward me.
Why people so frugal don't want to pay attention to my actual mission.
They see greed in my eyes.
Who ever gave you the right to me judge in the name of Christ.
Saying that I'm hell bound funny because I'm here now.
America I thought you was my biological father.
But you treat like a stepchild.
Yes I'm alone with this poetry everyone outside my family.
Fails or doesn't even try to get know the real me.
In due time the final revelation of M.T.P the world will finally see!
Prepare for August, 19, 2015...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A venting session that was way overdue.