Beautiful Paradise

Bright Poetry

Flying on a cloud to a beautiful paradise.
Clear blue skies doves fly by my side.
Everyone is in for this ride of a lifetime.
Smiles as we glide in the sky.
Now we're preparing for landing on this distant planet.
The rivers flows a stream of happiness.
The Trees waves the natural symbol of peace.
No one is ever envy.
We having a fest of good eats.
Everyone is finished with their plates.
Now we on our way to a festival with many festivities.
Listening to profound musicians and being amazed by magicians.
Wow when we will we wake up from this blissful simulation.
If we don't this is our new nation Beautiful Paradise.
How amazing to our problems subside now let's continue to reclining.
In a society of sliver linings no dark nights.
Just blissful days in our Beautiful Paradise.