Generation Z

Stand up for Gen Z the era of the free but still enslaved to the trends.
Peers constantly pretend to fit in with small minded folks.
But don't take us all as a joke.
Because the G.Z masses is not an comedy act.
More like a revolution we introducing a new of way thinking and dreaming.
You can't believe it just watch the next teen that's not on MTV.
Corporate America trying their best to embarrass us.
Show the world "16 And Pregnant" but not "18 And Graduated".
And no disrespecting to young mothers I'm just making a point.
To show these malicious suckers parading us around like a "Teen Freak show"
Show the world our struggles but not our happiness.
Generation Z don't hide in fear stand up and tell the world "We're here"
Get together and we can persevere!
Forget the negative notations this is our year!
We're not all about IPods and "Selfies".
Look into the eyes of this teen there's more to see...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Generation Z (1990's-2000's)

Time to tell the world we have more to offer than the typical teen thing.

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