Following My Heart (Pleasant Dream)

This is my last school year two months till I restart there.
Next time around I'm working even harder.
Not getting trapped in high school's petty problems.
Jealousy, anger and ignorance sorry I'm just not feeling it.
Made a commitment back in two thousand and five.
That night my brother died I screamed to the skies.
Before my life is finalize I'll reach for the sky with my stories.
Brushing off the people that try to hold me back.
Take me out of my comfort zone but I'll adapt.
Sooner or later one of us going to give up it's not me and that's a fact.
I got too much riding on this.
A opportunity to be accepted in the school of arts.
A real chance to truly follow my heart.
My saga of dreams is going far.
Even beyond the stars.
I don't want the loose women and cars.
I just want to seek what my heart is dying to see.
And that's opportunity.....