Inner City Blues (Harsh Reality)

Singing my inner city blues.
Sitting on top of my apartment roof.
To find something positive to look forward to.
I no longer want to be involved in a complicated relationship.
At this moment penmanship is my only love interest.
Manifesting the amount of my mother's bills.
Gives me cold chills and it's not a time to fear.
Just for me to switch gears to full throttle studying Aristotle.
Instead of searching for a genie in the bottom of a bottle.
They say more money more problems.
Then why I'm constantly facing adversity.
Harsh reality continues hurting me I'm blocking out the pain.
Getting caught in the rain.
So many interludes life's cold mistress puts me through
Makes me want to sing my inner city blues.
And if you in the same state as me get together and sing with me.
Because in this house of poetry we're all apart of the same family tree.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just writing what I feel at the moment and something I have to do

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