Didactic Penman (Going Against The Grain)

I'm risking my mind to be crucified by this sinister media.
They thinking I'm inferior to their sadistic criteria.
Running us through the process of constant nonsense.
To them a illuminated mind is toxic and causes problems.
It's basic science going against the grain causes pain.
To the man who've had us shackled in these concealed chains.
So it's invisible slavery and I'm not interested in what you paying me!
If I got to perpetuate a stereotype to write my music.
You must be even more stupid than you look!
My role models told me about you crooks!
The industry isn't as pretty as it looks tormenting a artist.
Starving him and his family I caught onto the insanity.
Contracts gets you strapped in a electrical chair and you die if you dare to be true!
Might as well give me a lethal injection stick the needle in me!
That alone wouldn't kill me I honed my new ability to leave a impact!
So everywhere your living at you'll see Eric or Erica supporting Diversity City forever!
The energy of the tension us didactic poets have created is so amazing!
And the deaf have been bestowed with a hearing aid.
To hear the lies you tell!
And my quest doesn't stop here.
Oh no no M.T.P is a different breed an extraterrestrial turning up the level on you devils.
After my recent notations got the pastors sweating the amount of a ocean.
Getting quite nervous Monte is on the verge to corroding their false character.
As I'm writing this I'm falling victim to a unbearable form of hysteria!
I can't believe he looks down on us as demons.
When he's Lucifer in our region!
This is me as a didactic penman and I'm making a stand for what I believe in!
Follow me my friend and we can rally together till the end!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More of my didactic writing enjoy.