What He Told Me

I remember me as a youth in middle school.
My school held a seminar of convicted felons telling us what's ahead.
If we commence to heading in that direction.
One of the speakers said something that tugged on my heartstrings.
He told a story about his brother committing suicide.
That's why he jumped on the route of crime.
That story touch me because my oldest brother committed suicide.
I cried deep inside.
Then the guy told me especially "Hey kid don't never end up like me"
He continued saying "Stay strong for your family"
Then I replied "Yes sir as long I'm on this earth I'm making life work"
Since that day I move forward in life. Seeking peace in a land broken in pieces.
I want to reach the pinnacle of achievements.
Then I'll finally rest in peace but before then diligence is key.
What he told me made me the person I came to be.

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