I knew a girl name Tasha her and I were brought up on the same city block.
And it was terrifying to hear about Tasha getting rape by her father.
Then her mom disowns her as a daughter.
Yes my child hood acquaintance had so many problems.
A female starting from the bottom and never reaching the top.
She gives up on her education because she has no family support.
Only thing her parents ever supported is their drug addiction.
Tasha is locked up in a twisted predicament.
She had to make a decision but she had chosen the wrong way.
She started moving into prostitution getting used and abused by our community.
I cringe everytime I hear another guy talking foul about a her.
She has it rough on this earth she is unable to fulfill her purpose.
She lost in this bogus star circus!
She doesn't deserve this!
My last words is save Tasha and Tasha can be any girl having problems.
Step in and help them out with their problems then solve them!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every girl in trouble is Tasha no matter what's their problem lend a helping hand instead of spiteful ridicule.

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