Unmasking The Truth To See The Lies

I'm so sick of these demonic individuals with crucifixes.
Trying to teach us don't water the roots of all evil.
Then turn around and steal money from the people.
Please wait listening to me for a second!
How can I trust the reverend when he's dipping in the collection plate.
While the congregation dying of starvation and frustration.
If they want to erase me for my defamation of their false character.
Go ahead and try!
I rather die standing for something right then living blind!
I refuse to be another sheep in the line to be slaughtered.
I'm the father of my own architect can't be penetrated by petty hatred.
Trapped my body but my mind is breaking out the matrix with no complications.
Take this in consideration Monte The Poet has the mind to expose this entire nation!
I don't care if I'm social pariah fighting for the truth til my hour glass is expire!
Don't know who to trust when the people who was entrusted is the biggest liars.
If they all could get one wish we'll be on fire!
Even that wouldn't stop us from toppling over their empire!
If you believe in the truth raise yours hands higher!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this after hearing about church corruption in my city and many other sick news

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