Rich Kid, Poor Dreams

Let's step into the world of another teen.
This one though is different from our last character.
This guy is a high hysteria brat that has a bad rap.
Teachers can't stand him he's full of himself and little bit of something else..
He thinks his money will help.
He buys his friends so understand he doesn't have friends.
They talk behind his back and some plan a attack.
Rich Kid doing his daily routine act he run in the streets.
His parents don't know why he so obsessed with this "street life".
Every night he smokes drugs that he brought from the local thugs.
Those guys didn't care who Rich Kid was they're planning to rob him blind next time he came by to buy!
Rich Kid's parents couldn't help but stress that he shouldn't revisit the drug dealers.
Then Rich Kid threw one of his infamous fits.
Then he decided to rebel against his parents made a fatal decision.
He drove down to Davis Blvd. and then one of the conspirators.
Pulled Rich Kid out of his car and commence to beating him made him victim of a robbery.
Now Rich Kid is growing violently fighting in school.
Breaking society rules!
A future of bad behavior his parents they tried to save him.
Constantly made bail for him to get out of jail.
Now he's heading to prison him and his lawyer versus a very familiar state attorney.
Oh wait it's our previous protagonist both of our main characters cross paths.
Now the judge is delivering his verdict sentenced Rich Kid to thirty years to life.
Say goodbye to this guy he did the wrong thing he killed a woman and man and their kids when he was D.W.I.
Rich kid that got caught in a bad dream has plenty of time to rethink why he decided to live this way.
But hey even a rich kid can possess a poor dream.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Last of the saga of Poor Kid & Rich Kid

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