Diversity City Pt 2

This planet holds individuals of every creed and color.
With that difference we have the need to judge each other.
The circle of hate is still around no pun intended.
Parents teaching their children to be close minded human beings.
Who has no kind of kine intentions for another ethnicity.
Their tunnel vision make every different looking being a enemy.
Pigmentation caused abductions of African Natives and force to work on plantation.
Then they finally got freedom then Lincoln was assassinated for his belief in a free nation.
Many years down the road Jim Crow Laws introduced segregation.
Hatred grows stronger with all these false patriots.
How dare you say you're a patriot?
You must love everything about your nation.
Doesn't matter if you remember all the names of the presidents.
If you can't love or respect everyone you don't deserve a prestigious title of any kind.
We're in a new space and time still religious fueds overblew into a huge war.
Today I say no more Diversity City is permanently in attendance to eliminate the division and make people respect others for their differences.
I believe it we're going to achieve ultimate heights of peace.
Even when I'm deceased my words will forever be.
From overseas to these city streets will live and breathe diversity!
Now say this with me 1 2 3 Diversity City will forever be!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A continuation of the Diversity City movement join me and we can spread the message!

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