I Let My Teacher Down

Sir please listen to my words I have to apologize for my episode in class.
Honestly I wouldn't put this on my epitaph yes it's that bad.
Getting into a confrontation with a classmate over petty hate.
I seen the disappointment on your face I can't believe I made this mistake.
You taught me better than that I don't know why I snapped.
Maybe my recent stress made me react like that.
Still that's no excuse I take full blame for the negative move.
Take away my "Student Of The Year" award too I don't deserve it.
Give it to the students who doing their work and behaving perfect.
I had the grades but not the proper amount of respect.
I can't fix the past but I can prepare for what's next.
So this is my second apology to you.
Thanks for still teaching me and not kicking me to curb an action I truly deserve.
Still we made this work passed with flying colors and I'm moving on to another part of life.
Thanks for the education sir your teachings was nice.
Maybe next year I can do more things right.

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