Golden Hills

Where do I go when my hour glass expire.
Do I arrive at heaven or rest in pain in fire.
Someone please answer my question I just want to be with my family.
Away from the insanity just want to write poetry on a cloud.
Then send them all down to earth as a sign of hope.
And mother don't weep I'm in heaven with brother and my cousins.
We no longer struggling we hanging out like we did on earth.
Away from the hurt.
Laughing and rejoicing in peace and harmony.
I just met Maya Angelou last night it was awesome shaking hands with a legend.
Now I'm heading to the local studio to do a session with my favorite Idol Tupac.
When will the excitement will stop?
Hope never because I feel at peace discussing dreams with Martin Luther King.
Now I'm singing the greatest hits with Kurt Cobain & moonwalking with Michael Jackson.
Whoa I can't believe this ever happened.
Freedom from the entrapment of a harsh reality now in a pleasant dream.
Seen Otis Redding sitting on the dock of the bay singing away the day.
I walked up and sat down with the great and said "Hey Mr. Redding"
He look at me laughing and grinning then says "Just called me Otis"
Now we gazing at the ocean fishing for peace and hope but we caught that ages ago.
So now I'm going down the road to see the big show Johnny Cash performing "Rusty Cage" everyone going insane.
Then Elvis came up then shut down the whole thing with the way he danced and sang.
Whoa I'm having a excellent time hanging with all of the greatest of all times.
Playing catch with Jackie Robinson and feeling problem less.
Then I'm rocking with Sam Cooke oh my who knew about the pleasantry.
Socializing with my people that came here before me.
Reuniting with my great grandmother Arie.
Then finally meeting my grandmother Mary.
After it all I ran into my uncle Paul then my uncle Norris wow I really enjoyed this.
I'm finally happy to see the peace and unity in a heavenly community.
Nothing can construe me about the way I feel you just got witness it yourself on these golden hills.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song that was written by Tupac inspired me to do this poem hope you enjoy