Separation Of My Generation

I walk amongst a dying breed we're all in our teens.
We committing genocide behind these schools walls more kids died in a fight.
Than students that walk the stage on graduation night.
We're poison by the malignant potion that curses mankind for a long time.
And that's intolerance and difference leads to violence.
If you don't fit in you're constantly harass by the guys in your class.
Honestly that's very sad to see separation.
2014 segregation can someone save this generation.
I want the Grim reaper to reverse death and resurrect Martin Luther King Jr.
I want him to make us visualize a brighter future.
Instead of a lifestyle being feeble.
Maybe it's to late to save the day or we just made it in a nick of time.
To free many minds from the chain of evil.
Freeing my people treating every as equal.
Bringing in diversity in and out our vicinity.
No one should be a enemy.
Take a lesson from our demented history.
Years of misery now let's gently walk in peace bask in the victory of unity.
Reconstructing a community without spending a cent.
Reason why money is a component of the madness.
Seeing green make people do vindictive practices
Just to see cash coming in.
I want this to end because we all friends of life.

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