I'm The Target To Be Rip Heartless

Almost every one I see is trying to kill me and my positive energy.
With nonsensical negativity over zealously is seriously their problem with me.
They know nothing of my name but see me gaining recognition on my poetic mission.
Like I said before they're afraid of something different.
So they bravado me to death til there's no more life in me left.
But I continue to step away from hate because it's not the right way.
Hey you should understand me I don't want part in this insanity.
I rather continue seeking for more clarity not just wanting to be a local celebrity.
These guys make it seem like living a dream is a felony.
Not squandering my opportunities over someone's intolerance.
If they're forever blind to the fact everyone else not putting up the same act.
Diversity is amongst us but in this cold world being yourself is dangerous.
But I'm willing to take that risk.