Warrior Of Diversity

I'm a warrior of diversity and it's really hurting me to see everyone trying to fit in.
They spend all of their money just to follow these trends.
Spent your hard money trying to make new friends after that your money runs thin.
And this is when adversity kicks in bills steady stacking up.
Your so-called friends found out your bankrupt now they left you stuck.
You being you might be the best of your luck.
No more trying to be Mr. Popular remove that mind of a toddler.
Who cares if you not invited to the big parties.
If that scene not meant for you it's not meant for you.
Stay true to yourself never mimic no one else.  Because trying to match someone else footsteps can lead to death.
Just remember you're a warrior of diversity.
Now control your very own destiny don't never follow the local celebrity


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