Controlling Me

Have me under a spell turning my life into hell.
Like I sign my soul over for book sales. Please believe this not a fairy tale.
Just me trap in neurological jail cell.
The puppet master pulling the strings. Got me believing in crazy things killing off my dreams.
No one in my one man team.
You ran off my lady now a kid lonely.
Going through multiple grieving ceremonies.

Going to hurt painfully reminiscing on these memories.
Discouraging me of one day succeeding leaving me bleeding out.
Left in a cold drought built around these doubts.
Got to escape out the prince of darkness house.
But I got to sit for a little while survive the evil trail so foul!


They're getting too close trying to turn me into a demonic ghost.
They say it's curiosity of the evil-host. Is he ever gonna let me go.
"No you into to deep can't leave".
This I'll never believe I'll be free.
Because my creed gives me the means.
To precede into great speed and make these demons bleed.
I figure my oppressors turn weak.
When I speak but our battle is still going. It's not over his soldiers throwing me into a fire.
With the cheaters and liars the screams gets louder.
Thinking they have the power but I refuse to be control by a coward.
This is the hour I break from Lucifer's tower.


In a malicious mind-state with Diablo's with vice grip.
On my soul almost lost control they refusing to let go.
No I'm waging war fighting off brutus's whores.
Me being free will finally settle the score. It's going happen because my motto is get yours.
So I'd set through the course it was worst. Being torture almost was murder hearing wicked laughs.
They insult to injury fueling my wrath and drop them in my path.
Creating a positive aftermath for young ones can pass.
Without the nag of demons trying to attack.
That's freedom what more can you ask for?
I'm free out of this hell hole!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is really about me being trapped in self doubt. Self doubt is my personal hell that's why I'll never doubt myself again keeping my head high