Story Of A Guy Named Dwayne (Very Long Read)

A kid named Dwayne he was on top of his basketball game.
Everybody quoting "You the man with the plan".
But then he strand from that plan after he join a gang of his childhood friends
Tyrell told him "Aye homie you done living that fairytale"
And Dwayne replied"I was born to ride and die for these streets".
And Tyrell said "Okay O.G I'm passing you the heat!"
Dwayne gazed at the gun for many seconds.
This his first time holding a weapon and he can't believe there's a gun in his possession.
Then Tyrell yell "Hi there go them clowns from around the block!"
Then went to say "You ready or not stop eyeballing your glock and put these clowns in a pine box!"
Dwayne took the first shot it ringed out through the whole city block.
So a gunfight commence Tyrell was raising hell popped two young brothers in the head.
Both of them dead then Tyrell and Dwayne fled.
They'd split up at a intersection both ditch their weapons in a sewer.
Dwayne got home and felt so sick he vomit into the porcelain.
But he still think it's fortunate no one else got hit.
Come to find out a boy named Burk got hit by one of the ricochet.
And Burk's big brother is a killer named Dante.
Dante said "There's hell to pay who took my little bro's life away!"
And the news spread like a wild fire Dwayne hear about it now his odds of death got alot higher.
Still he felt like he had power and wasn't a coward.
Until Tyrell was walking down to the corner store he sense he was being followed but he brush it off continued to walk.
And he hear a deep voice say "You think you can still breathe when my little bro is resting in piece"
It's crazy Dante with a dessert eagle aim at Tyrell's skull cap.
Tyrell's eyes open wide and all in his mind was "I'm going to die!"
Dante wanted info who was Tyrell's accomplice at first Tyrell wasn't saying nothing.
Until Dante presented a stack of cash and Tyrell said it fast "I was rolling with that dude Dwayne".
And Dante says "The ball player man stop playing".
Tyrell continue to say "Yes it is he a O.G now he going around town saying how he laid your crew down"
Dante put his gun down and told Tyrell "Leave before I decide to put you to sleep"
Tyrell left at full speed and never look back he move to Manhattan now he relaxing with the money he got From Dante for selling out Dwayne and Dwayne still think it's all cool.
He tried to chat with Tyrell but Tyrell not answering the phone.
Dwayne is unaware that Tyrell is gone but later on Dwayne hears a knock at the door.
He looks outside and see four local hoods with guns up.
He runs up to his room to grab a tool but he forgot he threw it in the sewer two weeks ago.
His meeting with death is getting even closer he tries to get ghost.
But the hoods kick in the door with guerrilla force.
Run up towards the steps and they catch and kidnapped Dwayne.
Tied him up and threw into the van drove to a undisclosed location.
They took off the blindfold off his face and Dwayne sees Dante.
Walking up with a 48 snub Dante said "So you think you a thug".
And Dwayne try to explain that he didn't hit anybody he just shot once.
But some reason he didn't squeal about it being Tyrell's whole operation.
Then one Dante's hoods said "Come on waste this punk already"
Dante laughs and push the gun between Dwayne's eyes.
Then one shot put our protagonist to rest no one never knew it was Tyrell that killed everybody.
He got away Scotts free.
So please take heave of this drama I speak.
Because even your friends can cause you your ultimate demise despite being friends for a long time.
Alright everyone goodbye.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I heard this story as a kid and it stuck with me for the longest so I just wrote it in a poem


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