A Message

It's hard to move on when life steals your cerebellum.

 Live smart is the words I'm trying to tell them.

In and out the spectrum people in antebellum.

Ready for war preparation to settle the score with brute force.

But of course the magic of unity is out of the question

Only thing I did was look into others perspective.

Looking how everyone is affected by the method eye for an eye.

Like I said in my poem "EYES".

 "Eye for an eye make our world go blind".

You could try to deny it but we traumatized by the violence.

Most news reporters views is very bias on the topic.

Then blame what kids see on their TV screens as a source of creating tyrants.

Why try to debunk it this world got sinister functions.

Yes it affect the youngins but we don't make assumptions on something.

On what we know nothing of can't use a escape goat.

When the going gets tough I understand you had enough of the problems.

Let's all get together with the message for can stop it.