My Dad´s Harley

Always I wonder why my Dad have a Harley if he tell that the motorcycles are too dangerous. He use to treat his Harley like a little baby no one can touch it and you are out of your mind if you ask to him to use it maybe a Little ride but he alwayl will drive. This Harley is always in the middle of the garaje and the cars outside on the Street, I wonder why this motorcycle is so important and delicated if it is dangerous and many people die because of this machines, well, My dad always tell me and my brothers to never use one, but hold on, what kind of example is this. On my mind I always want one motorcycle, i dont know i like to feel how is to drive one on the highway, with that style with others motorcycles, the sound of the engine, I always been curious about it. My dad use the Harley a few times, like once a month, but he only uses with my mom and some times they use to go with other Harley I think they are only couples with Harley and they travel to the U.S., or sometime they only go to Allende for a lunch or something. This Harley is special I never see my dad to treat a machine like this like his own son, he use to buy some expensive quimics to keep the bright and clean of the Harley. My dad tell me about how he use a motocroos when he was Young and to revive this memories he buy a Harley, a two Wheel Harley, he enjoyed to use it but in one travel with my mon and other couples there was some diesel on the Street and in a red light he tried to use the break but with the deasel he fell with my mom, my mom only have scratches but my dad break his knee  and then he need a operation. When he was able to walk again he sold the Harley, but he bought another one but this time was a three Wheel Harley. I dont know what is in his mind but I think that no matter how dangerous something could be if you really like how it feels when you are living the danger you dont care about it you only think that it worth all the danger.

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