Oh mighty Finals

Marco Martínez A01281612

Flash Fiction story: Oh mighty Finals.

The most terrifying, atrocious and catastrophical week for college students is, without a doubt, finals week. No one is safe, no one can
evade it, every single one of us needs to pass through it in order to achieve greatness and peace. Some will say there’s no hope for their souls, others say it’s just a big lie, but the truth is that, my friends, it’s the most problematic chapter in the life of any student. People every day give their best effort to achieve high grades in order to be safe for the judgment day. Class by class, day by day, every credit we can score is valuable. There’s also different kinds of people when talking about students. This are: the gifted, the normal, the lazy and the chosen ones. When talking about Finals, the gifted or the super Duper-I’m-the-best-at-everything-in-school guys are the ones who do not sweat a drop in order to achieve not only a good
grade, but also perfection in a way only god (and the teacher obviously) know. This people often react indifferently to all legends and myths and are also not intimidated by anything in their way, I know, the dream. Secondly on the list, the normal ones. I believe almost everyone can belong to this category due to the realism of it. The normal students are the ones that give their very best and almost everything they need in order to achieve a good grade and even though sometimes s…ugar happens, they always try it again and again until their goal is achieved. Third on the list, the lazy ones. This kind of people is the one that have never ever been religious until they need to approve Chemistry/Physics/Math etc. Somehow, they suddenly praise the lord and give offerings for them to see a black number on the report card. This people is the major prey of the week of finals, this people often seek for refugee on the gifted ones at the final moment, but even though they can run, they can never hide from the horrifying red hands of the finals. Now, you may be asking, who are the chosen ones? this people, I believe, are somehow a direct decedent of any holy or mighty god or creature, why? Because this guys are the ones who just by seeing them, you can think of something like “I don’t know how this son
of a gun is still here”. This dudes seem supremely lazy, disordered and unconcerned about their life or future. To make it simple, they seem like if you give them a baby, they’ll end up losing it. However, they are miraculously good at school and most of the times, very nice people.  So, back in track, this are in brief the types of students existent in the world of College. Most of the times, all the groups interact with each other, they exchange contacts, have a good time and overall are very good friends, but during finals week its every man for himself. The most accurate way to define what finals week is for a student is the story of The Hunger Games. When in a study group, you don’t actually care about other people passing the test, you don’t even worry if they get absolutely destroyed on the exam or if they suddenly become the next Nobel Prize winner on x-science category.
As I wrote before, in the end, it’s every man for himself. And so it is at the moment of truth. It’s your final exam. You enter the room, take the seat at the very very front of the classroom, (because your zodiac sign told you that today is your lucky day) you pray in every language you know, hoping for the best, and you leave your fate in the hands of whoever god you prayed (Jesus, Allah, Newton, Hemingway) until you hear that sound, the sound of the heels of your teacher who has a huge suitcase with around 1000 pages inspired in human tears and begins to hand in the exams, in that very moment you disconnect from reality and access a new place in your brain, specially designed for that very moment, the moment in which everything is decided, the moment in which you know If you are going to defeat your demons, make your effort count and completely destroy this exam. (729 words)


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