Faker Then Foil

Walking in the dark

Hiding in the Lie

Vision, Audio, Touch,

Nothing is there

Pretend the light hides it

The vision of the stage

A part will Always stand

Gullable was written on the ceeling

Her juice was in your soul

Glowing of Neon green

Lying on a bed of wooden lies

And gasping at a fakes laugh

What was it?

What is it?

Whats there that I didnt give you?

Beuaty elopes her, yes

But as we all know

Beauty is only skin deep

Golden spirals of foil

Illuminate her

One day all will realize...



Faces sure are ugly

When You're Alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, if you don't know who this is about...you don't know me...
i wrote it 8/23/06

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