the vikings

the vikings



looking back through the annals of time

of both woman and mankind

say around 7,000 years

at the dawn of history


back there during the magic of the vikings 

let's say at the end of each may

there in very early Scandinavia

when the ice finally sank out of sight

just below the water's surface

mostly during the night

of the many lakes and fjords and every hidden bay


while those- proud, fearless, ancient people

began to unfurl and sail their boats

as they started to glow with power

at every prow

and yes even with speed -- at both stern and bow

with a mad wanderlust -- you just wouldn't believe


and yet even back there in their time

something or someone told them

to sail and row westward to a new land

to places later dubbed Greenland and Iceland

and maybe even a New Found Land


they thought -- but only to themselves --

what a great name to call this place

A New Found Land

for it just wasn't smart or cool

to play puns with words

as those mysterious voices

could very easily cause destruction

just as well as bring forth

Bounties or Blessings


yet along with their rows and sails

sometimes they faced daunting tales

of seductive but treacherous

mermaids and massive blue whales


all along that new North Atlantic Coast

where cod, halibut even seals

were so thick -- they had to slow down each boat

just to stay afloat

there along the shrouded sheltered and partially

welcoming coves -- yes the day's catch

of food and supplies were abundant

'cause the fish here are as thick as flies

just as those -- forever -- biting black flies

as they were back at their homes

and almost always in the mid may

but the food here was piled pretty high 

and meant to stay

almost right up to that

bright, sunny, warm, blue sky

anyways -- they landed at first --

at the closest sheltered and somewhat welcoming cove

it was here -- they built their tiny, little

mud and thatched roof huts


where many many years later

little children would often

play hide and seek

amid those small ancient huts

left there by some strangers from long ago

and far away -- and sometimes when a door

would open or close with a sharp creak

there in a light, gentle, summer's breeze


those same little children 

ran like bullets fired in the wind

far away from those tiny little outposts

that were built and left there within

Oh I don't really know myself

but let's just say around 7,000 years ago

by strangers from far far away

with boats that often glowed

with Courage and Speed

and a wanderlust

you just would not believe

those amazing vikings that came and went

and passed through the annals of history

they surely must have been HEAVEN sent


let's say --- Oh I really don't know 

how about around or about 7,000 years ago

counting BACKWARDS from today

at the break of a new day and a dawn of a new time --- long before

poetry or music or rhyme


way way back then --- when someone or something 

told the vikings to sail and row

with power, grace, courage and speed

and yes --- I'll admit it --- right here and now

they often fought harsh elements

over both stern and bow


with a wanderlust -- you just would not believe 

but always with lot's of courage and speed

and yes once again -- with a wanderlust

you simply could not believe


those amazing vikings that came and went

for they surely must have been HEAVEN sent

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