2 steps forward, 9 steps back

hell I thought I was almost on track
Halt.Damn.It was just like THAT.
Got a call from your Mom, saying "hes NEVER coming back"
Now ONCE again Im at the beginning, praying for my ❤to not be ☻
SO I take off running...ZOOM
hazel eyes closed, mocha arms wide open
hoping to catch a breeze, so you can smell the dro I keep blöwin
ONLY to fall on my pretty face, n jump UP screaming NAE "get back in the race"
SO I take off running...ZOOM, & ill keep running, & ill keep counting, & ill keep runnning and counting
the days----90...weeks---12...minutes---129,600.
Wishing I could just STOP.
Stop thinking,stop crying,stop STOPPING.
but I cant
SO i just keep running
pushing this HARD line
SO I just continue running...running and looking fine...running with NO sense of time
Running...just missing you
Running...just missing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i miss him so much....its really really careful what u say out of anger....its not worth the