My Favorites

Condemned to mediocrity,

for my weight holds no force,

in a world so unbalanced.

A band-aid across a bruise,

a cure for the healthy,

a blow for the sick.

I'd stand up tall except-

they're already standing,

for all of the wrong things.

I'd sit down to be different,

but I'd be unseen in the shadows,

that no one is watching.

Tear up the laws and loosen the knots-

of conformity.

Shoot down the lies with bullets of truth,

let them know we haven't stopped listening.

Push them a bit, they'll all surely topple.

A domino effect, because it was only a game.

First down is their 'virtues', and next the facades,

It's all coming down,

'till only their broken schemes are left.

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