It's a face to face
Timing in it's place
To mess up or straighten
My heart newly broken
Accident waiting to happen
Hearthbreakers for a living
We kiss to make a killing
Fueling on people
Straight from the bottle
We fuel good
It feels good


Flirting playfully
Paying sanity
Glancing in a mirror
Both hot, makes us shiver
A game to keep up
A high that can't drop
It's our life
Still a wife


Stats all wrong
Makes me strong
Head games to get head
Mind games to get fed
Addicted it can't stop
Pills ready to pop
A people person
Trapped in a prison
Freedom chaser
Refusing to love her
Indepedent gem
Always rejecting them


It's a face to face
Wrong time but good pace
Ain't just a kiss
We scored; didn't miss
A boost for our ego
Fast track, built for show
The Truth hurts
Taking of our shirts
Use it to your advantage
Lovely physical damage


Feeling right at home
Writing our first tome
Our game is the same
Our mind need the fame
Neverending crush
Bodies feeling the rush
Not so simple
Fearing the cuddle
Thin line between the bed
Fight to stay ahead
Using the word "like"
Getting what we like


It's a face to face
Unpacking my suitcase
To mess up or straighten
My heart newly shaken
Opening a door
Longing for more
Wrote the story
Favors familiarity
Coming to an end
Just to call it friend
Hard way to learn
Breaking up is our pattern

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