Twin Souls Doin' Time

       Twin Souls Doin' Time
I just heard your voice in your room
My heart began beating faster
My breathing became labored
I can't breathe right M.
Help me breathe Baby-Girl
Please help me breathe
My SOUL needs you and Yours
I hear you talking again
The very sound of your voice 
Excites, thrills, and causes
My breathing to not work properly
I think that's a good sign tho
Your Voice scintillates me
Not erotically, as usual
But it ignites that Hunger...
       Just to see you

I'm sorry....for so pitifully needing you as I do..
But never sorry for Loving you
need to hear your voice, to see you
To Love you deserve to be, consistently
But YOU need time, and I have to give you that
                  Free from me
Maybe one day you'll get to read this
I hope so....
I Just Love You So Good....
There is NO ONE who can even dream of being as amazing a woman as you! This I say from experience. You are THE most amazing, SPIRITUAL, BEAUTIFUL woman in the WORLD in my eyes
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