The Eyes of a Stranger

           The Eyes of a Stranger


       One lonely Saturday night
           A road-weary Angel 
      Stepped her feet in my home 

      I instinctively knew, almost 
    Immediately she was different 
       Not like any found on Earth

      We all chatted, as we ate Pizza
I was looking down, and felt her stare
   I returned the gaze, and I was terrified 

             And lost...

    There was no place I could hide!! 
        And I instantly knew...
     She would see straight into my Soul
            And know everything....

           She would see my Darkness
               The tears that NO ONE sees
                She'd see The Beast, Chained, 
        Beaten into submission, and shackled
                       Since I was eight...
               And she'd see the abused
    Frightened little boy hiding in the shadows
          Secretly hoping no one would find 
             "The Place Where I am really I"
      I desperately needed to look away 
                    Before she saw it all
             I turned away, but I secretly feared
                   She'd seen it ALL already......
              Everything hidden behind my stare

                     I've long believed in 
"Giving myself away, with a Blind and Simple Faith"
         But this was too much Truth for Anyone
                        Even for an Angel
                    I agonized for days
                     Curled up in Fear
                    I'd been outed, and
                   I would scare one more
                     Person away forever...
                 Making the existing loneliness
               That much more lonely, and dismal
                   And I'd go back into hiding.....
                       Like I've always done
                  But this Stranger was different
                She looked all the more in my eyes
             And saw somethings that few ever have

                   Yes, she saw all the Dark Things
                  But she also saw the Magic I usually
                      Reserve for a very select few
                       She was like a velvet glove
                    Sliding into my depths so easily
                       With no fear, nor judgement
                     Because she was armed with
                      A kindness,  a compassion,
                 And understanding that few will ever possess
                      From that point on, gazing into her
                       Eyes, and into the open doors to her
                   Heart, and her Soul became fascinating 
                 And I learned, in time, that when she looks back
                  I'm actually looking into the mirror, not into...
                              The Eyes of a Stranger


© Mirror_rorriM     8 /14/16 3:40a
M....for years I've used the Mirror_rorriM handle, but I never knew YOU existed, or were the second part of my handle. Whatever happens, you'll always be the other half of my "hide-behind" handle.

I love you passionately, tenderly, and perfectly. I'd strive to never shame, or hurt you, with ALL my Heart, which has grown considerably because of you...

You're a beautiful experience I'll ALWAYS treasure and hold you near and dear to my heart. If you say good-bye, the pain, like you, will always be exquisite, and beautiful to me. You are my ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️'s only Desire.

No one will ever replace you, or begin to take your place. And I'll not ever be looking. 

Once a good man has experienced YOUnothing else will EVER do.  I'd prefer a life of near-complete solitude (just my guitars, and my "other" loves, Misha, n Kitt) than to be inevitably disappointed. 

I'd rather live my remaining day's remembering our innocent nights together, you allowing me the pleasure of pleasuring you, AND you responding passionately than to have any other experience to sully those oh-so-Precious memories.

I'll keep those memories to myself, and will probably take to my grave. I might tell T, my oldest Grand-Baby, just so she'd know the depths and degrees possible when you meet your true Soul-Mate. So she won't settle for anything less than she deserves.

I Love You Forever M..Forever, into the Eternities to come. Please know you are LOVED completely here....
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