A Hearts Resting Place

                               A Hearts Resting Place

                      Today I had to put my heart away.

              With all the abrasions of a well-used object 

              Carefully wrapped in Satin cloth, then placed
                         Back into the Velvet-Lined Box
               Reserved for jewelry of special significance 
               Where it had previously been for so very long 
               With the sadness you commonly find at funerals
                   I wept as I put my pain to sleep for awhile
                     Knowing full well, that this vital organ 
                      With it's many bruises, and tears
                               Would leave a huge hole
                       Where my happiness once rested 
                 And until such a time, that Lady Love 
                   Sees fit to once again, Visit me,
                   I'll stick with my Dream of "She"
               Awakens me gently, with her soft kisses

                 Saying "I've been looking for You,
           My whole life and now, I've finally found you"
              While holding my heart, ever-so-gently
                        In Her soft, warm, tender
                          Love-filled hands.
             But there it will remain, inside That Velvet Box
              Where it will rest, recover, and hibernate
                        In that very comforting place
           Reserved for jewelry of special significance
                   Until Such a Time That....
©2016 Mirror_rorriM                      7/27/16  11:01p


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