So Naturally, So Easily....So Unexpectedly



               "So Naturally, So Easily....So Unexpectedly" 

             There is only one heart here, because I know this love is mine alone. And I'm ok with that. But I do love you tenderly, passionately.  ~Mirror_rorriM~


❤️ I Never Meant to Fall in Love With You M....❤️

                       Or love You as I Do
                  It just came So Naturally

           So Easily.....

                     That My heart was Yours.
                      Completely bound to You
                       Before I ever realized it

                      I asked God Himself, 
            "Father, what is HAPPENING?"
                  And I never got an answer
           But You continued to flow So lovingly, 
            So effortlessly Into my Secret Place...
                ("The Place Where I am really I ")

                     That I began to wonder
                    If "this".....IS His answer

                   I never thought I would Love, 
                     Or NEED another so much
          Resigning myself to a life of solitude
             While foolishly believing in my heart, 
                       That No Other Woman 
                   Would ever "see" Me again
                      Or Ever Have........Me
                         And You came in....

                          So Unexpectedly

              I tried to dial back My Emotions for You
              But the harder I tried, the harder it was
                  Until My hearts deepest thoughts
           Came pouring out, like a dam fixin' to burst
                           And, like a fool
             I couldn't stop the words from coming

I don't know whether to leap for Joy, (Even tho it may hurt my back)
         "Shout it from the rooftops, and sing it to the sky",
                         Or weep like a baby...

              For You, and the heartache, and turmoil 
                      You must be quietly enduring

              I never want to hurt any living Soul
                      Especially .....You
           Whose been hurt so much already
                  And in so many different ways.

             I wish I could hold you forever
      Heal Your pains, (If it were possible) 
       And just Love You Freely, with No Restraints

              And when I stop to think of THIS
                     I find that I'm afraid......
             Afraid of needing You so much
      That just seeing You brings the most beautiful pains,
              And of loving You, as much as I Do

                          But I face My fears
       Because I've come too far already, I'm too far gone!
      And in My Heart (which is Yours, if you'll have it)
      I Want, and (yes), Need to see how this story ends

              As You lay on the opposite end of Our bed
                    My soul is longing for You, crying out for You,
                            Pleading, and Aching 
                  To feel Your skin against Mine, and
                 Weeping for the distance between Us

      Can You hear me, My most beautiful of Angels?
      In the Darkness, do You feel that deep loneliness, 
                           A Sad Longing in Your heart?

                          Does it ache so bad 
      That You almost have to fight back the tears?
               That is Me. It's My Soul daring to show You
         The wonderful things I'd kept locked away, for so very long 
        That You have open'd up in Me, and brought back to Life

                   But, You're so many miles away
                     And I feel every single inch  
                  Of the distance that separates 
             The Lovely, Beautiful, Most Exquisite 
                              You, from Me

            And I wish with all that is within Me
                 That I could bridge that gap

             Just to feel Your lips softly on Mine, 
             Hoping that You want the same
              My arm around You, and only You

          My hand forever caressing Your Sweet face
                Whispering (with no shame, nor fear)
                    My undying love for You
                Listening to you *MOANNNN*
          Gazing Forever into those Most Amazing Eyes
                  And asking you "what are You "doing"
                       For the next few eternities....."
                        Because I'm "Doing Time"
                    I've waited SO long to find You
                          I had to find You, 
                   I needed (almost desperately)
         To find My Hearts Desire....MSplit-Apart
                    And now, You're finally HERE!

       Please, tell me if You Truly feel the same.....
                      Or if I'm just an old fool
                            My ❤️ is Yours

                 To quote one of my Favorite "Jewel" songs..

             "Do You want me, like I want You?
          And Do You need me, like I need You?
                    Or am I Standing Still ?"

                             Do You?

       Maybe I'm not ready for the answer, so, please don't.

          I am Hopeless without you, without your Perfect,
          Pure, Unbelievably AMAZING, Love. You scare Me,
            Because I've never felt this deeply for ANYone,
                And had them feel the same.

So, Yes, I get terrified at times, but not enough to NOT see what God has in mind. I'm pressing forward, and Boldly  going forth with some of my Favorite lyrics: 

                  "I will not be a puppet, I cannot play it safe

              I'll give myself away with a blind and simple faith"

                               ~ Rik Emmett ~

           ❤️  ???????????????????????????????????  ❤️

P.S. "You had me @ hello"



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