Alice (Owl Eyed Omen)

Dear *****,

3 minutes past midnight, he scuffles nervously from under the covers. Promptly removing them, quietly standing up out of bed. She is dead asleep, not even slightly awakening to the sound of his clamor. He stares at her as he gets his pants on. Wondering if she still loves him, and why she spoke of such tragic things earlier. Speaking of new distance, and of something ending. He silently opens the bedroom door, leaving it open as he exits quickly through the front door. Sparking a cigarette, inhaling it very deeply and exhaling very smoothly. The night air carries a lonesome, and very dismal chill that stiffens his insides into a cement like hold. he takes a seat on the steps, and begins imagining better moments. Moments where they both smiled, held hands and shared secrets. A crippling series of images that almost bring his heart to full collapse. He makes a muffled groan and sinks his face into his palms, weeping now, lightly but painfully. Cursing himself for the mistakes and the regrets he conjured up. Repeating that last thing she said, over and over. Better left unsaid, like every other truth uncovered in deep conversation. Still a few hits left on his burning cigarette, he takes another long drag and gazes upward at the stars. Noticing their tangled infinite sprawl into pure black. This is exactly where everything went wrong he thought. Where true love carved itself into a wormhole that sped into a constant despair, ringing loudly in his ears, her laugh from some distant place. Day's better spent asleep, words better left to private thought. And all that burning desire reduced into a thick sheet of dead ash.

He attempts to dry his eyes and flicks the remainder of the cigarette, exhaling that last taste of poison. When he returns back inside the house he feels something different. Like he entered a strangers home for the first time. He feels the presence of some wandering entity, a portent threat that is uninvited and searching for something. Carefully, he makes his way back to the bedroom and notices the door is shut. He opens it and she is gone, a panic shoots through him now that almost makes him faint, but he collects himself. He quickly flicks the light on, searching the closet, even under the bed, he rips open the blinds, nothing. Now to the bathroom, nothing. She has disappeared. Unsure of her whereabouts, or what exactly is going on, he puts on his shoes and a flannel shirt. Exiting the house rashly and power walking down the dirt road. Now calling for her in a panic stricken tone, no answer. He pauses and notices how abandoned the neighborhood feels. As if he is the only soul inhabiting this place, he is scared now. Screaming for her violently, nothing, from anywhere. Again, and still no answer. Did she simply disappear? Was he even awake? He notices then his heavy breathing, and the beads of sweat dripping down his forehead and on the back of his neck felt real, too real. He had to be awake, and then a sudden burst of cool, phantom air caught upto him from behind. It contained some ghostly whisper that translated into "go back home." This made him feel unhinged, very unsafe as well. Still pacing around the neighborhood in search of her, he decided to continue back home. He saw that all the lights were on now, terrified and confused he insisted to himself that he was asleep. He clenched his eyes shut, as well as his fists and began focusing on his minds voice shouting rampantly "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP." creating this vivid echo within his skull, but as soon as he re-opens his eyes, he's still right where he was.

Now feeling some alluring pull from the house, he approaches it cautiously. Sees a quick shadow move from behind the front curtain, and then another. he walks upto the door and rests his right ear on it. Feeling his pulse rushing and hearing it loudly over anything else. He can make out small whispers being exchanged from behind the door. He gives a light knock and they come to a sudden halt. His heart skips a beat as he turns the knob and enters. A paralyzing gasp as he discovers a grizzly crime scene. Blood soaks the carpet and splatters the walls, trailing through the kitchen eerily. The lamps dull glow gives complete sight to the macabre, filling his entire body with a sharp horror. He slowly follows the trail, noticing handprints on the walls and footprints of the mess on the floor. The bedroom door once again closed, his eyes as bugged as his troubled conscience. Carefully opening the door with a sickened sense of confusion running through him. Discovering on his bed, the fresh corpse of a young girl. She is bled out almost completely from a wound to the neck, her pale skin is a leathery cloud like white, and her mouth wide open in a frozen look of dismay. His lover, still nowhere to be found. His mind races wildly as he studies the room again, and then the corpse. She looked vaguely familiar but he could not fully recognize her. He descends into a frightening state of shock, realizing this must be some lifelike nightmare. He runs to the brightest bulb lighting the house and holds his open, naked eyeballs to it. Nothing happens. He is very awake, and very scared.

All the blood then gets to him, and he bolts to the bathroom. Trying to withhold the vomit churning upwards from his gut, but he fails and it leaks through his fingers all over the floor, still coughing some up in the toilet. Purging viciously as he notices some blood in the sink as well. He finishes, and tries to gain ahold of himself. His hands gripped tightly on the sides of the sink, he whispers to himself "where the fuck did she go?" He looks upto the mirror and notices his reflection is very peculiar, his eyes have changed color. They went from a deep blue to a distant shade of green. His fear has reached it's ultimate climax, this must be a dream. He begins pounding his fists into his head, trying and trying to awake from this horror. Still nothing.
He thinks of dropping to the floor and sobbing, but his adrenaline still too out of control for such a scenario. He exits the bathroom and begins filling a backpack full of clothes and some money. The young corpse still laying lifeless in his presence. her clothes soaked in blood and her dead eyes fixated in a glassy dread. He observes her as he finishes packing, wondering just who she could be, and where she came from. He looks over at a framed picture that occupies his nightstand, once an adorable photograph of him and his lover near their favorite lake. Only now instead of her, it's the dead girl in front of him. Smiling luminously and he as well. His eyes are green in the picture as well. he throws it down and it shatters, tears leave his eyes now as he gallantly leaves the house to his truck. Shuffling in his pockets for his keys, he finds them, unlocks the truck and throws the bag behind his seat. His instincts twisted in a frivolous daze, his mind is boiling alive. He starts the truck and peels into the open road.

The night now feels unspecified, a telescopic abstraction that felt never ending. This dreamlike horror had him in a surreal thinking pattern that the only thing to do was keep going. Suddenly he sees a figure coming up in the road, he looks closely to see it is his lover standing with her thumb out. He slams on the brakes and catches her eyes at that moment. They are different, like an owls. She gives him a similar stare that is purely animal. The truck comes to a stop and he runs out in a disheveled state of hysteric sadness. He catches upto her, she is standing in place, and somewhat frightened by his demeanor. He is yelling her name, yelling about the dead girl, and asking where she went all at once. "WHOA! calm down, im not who you think i am" she exclaims. "_____, is not even my name. My name is Alice." He grabs ahold of her and screams "Don't fuck with me, who is that girl in our bed?!?!?!, why did you leave?!?!" He drops to his knees as she backs away from him slowly. He is sobbing and saying his lovers name over and over. She kneels to him and says "Did you hurt someone?" he looks up and sees it really isn't her, and replies "No, I don't think I did, but someone is in my bed that i don't know." She looks confused , but picks him up off the ground. "lets just get in your truck and drive, you'll be ok." He reluctantly agrees and says "This is a dream right, it has to be." they enter the truck as she continues, "No, it's just very late, and something happened to you that you can explain later." They start down the road again, his face is blank and tear stained. She is observing him peripherally to make sure he is ok.

He does not know where he is anymore, and has been driving for almost an hour. The quiet sound of the passing night brings a calm to both of them. He feels as if the night is going to open it's mouth and swallow them whole. Digesting them into an abyss where they float like lost spirits into a lesser hell. His mind drifts into trance he almost falls asleep. Snapping back into reality when the girl screams "LOOK OUT!!!" a fast and weighty thud on the hood of his truck, he had smashed something at 80 mph. He immediately stops the truck and gets out, looking at the fresh smear of blood all over his hood and windshield. "Stay here, don't move." he says to the girl. He walks over to the carcass and a shock possess him when he sees it's the same girl from his bedroom. He hears his truck stop, he looks back and the passenger is gone, disappeared into the night. Like she was never there to begin with. Noticing a distant set of headlights approaching. Then an owl swoops beautifully out of the sky and over him, he hears his lover's voice within his head right then, and it feels drug like. As the vehicle gains closer, and the owl farther, he begins to feel reality slipping outward from his mind. His heart racing and his vision blurring all at once. Now all he can see is a blurry void of pure white, familiar and honest. He awakens in his bed, a cold sweat soaks him and he is out of breath, gasping for air. He instinctively reaches for his lover, only to find an empty space, but her warmth was still there. He springs up in a panic and sees the bathroom light is on, the door closed, he attempts to open it but it is locked. He pounds on it, hearing his lovers voice in quick alarm. Scared out of his mind as the door opens.

he collapses into her, soaking wet and now relieved. Her warm arms blanketing his shivering body. "what's wrong babe? What happened?" she quickly asks. He cannot speak, he looks at her and feels his consciousness gaining strength again. She resembles some gorgeous cherub, a painting of angelic perfection. He kisses her lips and gently moves his hand through her long hair. "did you have a nightmare or something?" she asks curiously. "yes, god, something more than that though, it was REAL." he replies. In his attempt at explaining it to her, his words don't connect and his thought pattern falls flat, he is muttering extreme useless words to her, and he can see it in her face that she just does not understand. She shooshes him, and takes his hand leading him back to bed. "you're ok now, it was only a bad dream. Im here see, it's me." she says. His face melts into an uneasy smile as she massages his shoulders, and delicately rubs the back of his neck. A deep relaxation mixing with the horrible images he just dreamt. He gazes out the window, feeling her hot breath on his back. Noticing then a large owl, perched atop a tree branch not far from their window. He gasps, and looks closer, the same one from his dream. "Alice?" he says in a hypnotic whisper. "Who is Alice?" his wife asks. "I dont know" he replies. He shuts his eyes and hears the owl quietly murmuring into the dawn.

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