VI (footprints)

Dear *****,

I am wandering through a very dark hospital. Only a flashlight and a perfectly carved weapon at my side. The air is thin and rank with an oily medicine smell, tickling my gag reflex. No exit in sight. Where are you? THERE YOU ARE! sneaking behind a corner up ahead, taunting me. A song from some ancient music box playing loudly over the speakers. Each click of it's fragile, tiny machinery audible, and unnerving. I walk fast, faster in the thinking I have already lost you. Looking around the corners you just were, I hear you quietly giggling from some room. The tears again, no not again. Breathing slowly, I enter a room with the numbers 137 on the door. Only to find a corpse lying on a stained bed, it's life machine has its cords cut, it happened long ago. I run my fingers across it's mouth, slowly put one all the way down its dry throat. Feeling this body suffered before it passed. You run past the door, and quickly disappear. I snap into your direction, my flashlight goes dead and I am terrified. The atmosphere is deathly and impending. The music box hit's its very last note and I hear you coming towards me again. I stand firmly in place, shivering with apprehension. I feel you now, circling me slowly, my eyes are closed out of fear. You move around me like a queen to her luxurious bed, awaiting that specific moment to lie in it. I open my eyes and there you are in front of me. Removing your clothes, I can see your pale body in the shadow of this building. It gives off a warmth indescribable, it comforts me. Your hair is longer than i remember, auburn brown and flowing. Your tongue is longer too, like a snakes almost. You than begin to rub your pussy with your left index and middle finger, very carefully. It develops into a soft oily glisten as you continue, even letting out a moan. I notice the number 10 tattooed on your hand, then you motion the fingers underneath my nostrils. I smell I feared I had lost forever, the fruit of substance tainting my senses. You rub them slowly onto my lips, I immediately suck the venom from them, like some foreign honey never tasted by man. Even grabbing hold of your hand just to make sure I can lick it clean. Carnivorously lapping at it as you smile and ask "MORE?" I nod hastily and you soak your entire hand this time until it shimmers in front of me, dripping wet. With both hands I clutch onto yours, you're smiling. You allow me to suck from every inch you've covered, the taste is insanely addicting. It feels like a strong syrupy liquor as it goes down my throat. I can feel it inside me now, flowing in my veins and slowly poisoning me with it's potent nectar. Your hands are dry as you move them to your sides, and observe me in a judging kind of manner. Looking at me with an intense study, like you're waiting for something to happen. Now I feel hazy, my nerves feel frozen over and my eyelids become heavy. My skin feels flushed, tingly, and I move like a dead leaf toward you. You back away and grab ahold of my hand, guiding me to a set of stairs leading to a basement. It feels very hidden, not meant to be seen. Not once looking back at me, you just take me further and further down. My nose begins to bleed as i notice a small spider crawl out from the hair past your shoulders. I am hesitant now, you relieve it with a small kiss to my forehead. I reach out and try to touch the small of your back, you deny me and say "NO", now I am very scared. Because once again, it isn't you. And if it is, this isn't real. The taste was yours, but the breath was not. We reach a candlelit hospital room, well painted and it smells like fall. It feels very imaginary though, a dream you forgot. I look over and you are in a blue nurses uniform, a prepped syringe lying next to the bed, you smile and pat the pillow, making sure I can see you. You move my hand to your left breast and I keep close watch of the syringe. The touch of you brings a smooth calm over me, sub-consciously i'm already making love to you, and you can tell im thinking that. I massage your right shoulder gently, paying close attention to every detail of my hand's movement. without warning you stand up and tell me to close my eyes. I notice the syringe is still in place. I trust you and close them, you tell me about a "special surprise" I am about to be given. Now turning me around you say "When i tell you to turn back around, I want the biggest hug you can give me." It's not you, and my body goes numb as you tell me to turn back around, I notice the last part of your sentence wasn't your voice at all. But I fling around with my arms spread, my eyes still closed. And suddenly the deepest, sharpest pain i've ever felt right in the center of me. SHARPER, I fall to my knees as you quickly rip out a large blade from my stomach. You stand there smiling, awarding your work and then helping me to the bed. I look at you in deep horror, as the syringe enters my neck. You turn me over and lay with me, the last words i remember hearing were "eye for an eye" this was not you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

errrr, Im really feeling like these might be too personal for public viewing. Especially this one. Might delete them all.

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