Dear *****,

Like a black widows leg hardened within a ball of wax. Venom pours out of a diseased abyss. As i like, it will blind me further, relieving the stress of that which inspires sickness. If you don't wish to know me; I now understand sometimes. I've never feared sleep before now, sometimes, no always. Waking up is next to being buried alive. When my conscience comes flooding back in, I am on my knees for the crowd to gaze upon. Don't you love the way it's impossible? Lonely enough to know the realest touch is never coming back. Wanting to be chased after, some dreamlike prose of cat and mouse. out of breath and infested with raw need. We fuck to the sound of clamoring machinery, in this sweaty fragment of non-existence the truth is revealed perfectly. Only there would life be your bad dream come true. Drying up to the realization of emptiness. Please watch over me in this deep slumber I lie in. Be my guardian angel against every notion of abandonment. Follow me to these dark corners of reality and make warmth. I'll wait patiently as the ghosts collect dew from the rising blades of grass. Licking it until I am quenched. Love is thirst.

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