the scare among strangers

skinning rope for jumping over

the sly dimension nickels render

as true money shots are sprayed on sickly

this is georgia summers frozen

said mine to name a graveyard after

harsh land and eats tinfoil sunset

You're my kinda disease sweetheart

dead people are bruised fruit

humming tremors under stiff dirt

the winter is what turns a body cold

bright face angel shivering wings unfold

For ten size a mother cries

and the curtains are like strands of dead snake skin

hanging over a jupiter moon horse dance

I bring the seeds of sanity to dirt

Child of carnival earthquake

in the sky to see me aborted

chucked into a flash flood

where your child found a band aid in the mud

Author's Notes/Comments: 

don't huff it. Not saying I did, just don't. Really Stupid

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