Is this bedroom yours?

or is it shared with another

oh how i've longed for your pale entity

to rescue the good left in me

I've pictured us so delicately in love

gathering stones for throwing

and green eyes for glowing

a sadness spawned undertow just gobbled me

pacing into fracture, with nails in hand

i'll hammer the fucking smilesphere

you are not unlike a vast body of water

there for anyones amusement of sanity

I live in a body of garbage

where a river once flowed and sang

now I fall asleep to the song of rowdy insects

love lost a blade for each spine

glove slipped the skin and the sharp in mine

is so diseased I can't help but follow

anything so rigid and floaty

marking harshly my territory in fractions

with coal and fingernails

you are now just a memory to me

like everything will soon be to all of you

perfection in neglection

taste the fear for free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I surprise myself sometimes

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