sniffing for the blood here

never guessing what's behind my back

look for clues in high heels

sugar of the native land

I arrive to this sickening city

punch drunk with blood on my hand

never ask how it get's there

just imagine me ominously

a hooded figure in the sneaky dark

knife in hand, I sever swollen glands

this is just for the wrong that's crossed me

never to harm the soft fade slender

soulful in blue eyes, what isn't?

dreaming of nightmares in a bright yellow bed

this is the carnival of havoc in my head

awaken to a man 8 feet tall

ghostly white, black eyes

a gaping mouth full of broken glass

his instinct to dismember my fantasies

tepid in pools of silky salt

I joke on crutches so crass

he's not out to get you anymore

but I am, as patient as a clam

prolong me to be shucked and tossed away

you already imagined that haven't you?

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